E-Newsletter - December 2020
Alliance Translational Research

Alliance Imaging committee Expands to Include
New Subcommittee on Theranostics

The Alliance Imaging Committee has recently received approval to expand by forming a new Subcommittee on Theranostics in support of therapeutic radionuclide studies. The Imaging Committee is now seeking suggestions and nominations for a Subcommittee Chair and for members of this subcommittee who will also join the Imaging Committee. Michael Knopp, MD, PhD, of IROC Ohio, will chair the search process, along with Michael Morris, MD, and Jeffrey Meyerhardt, MD, MPH, as search committee members. Suggestions should be sent to Committee Chair Larry Schwartz, MD (lschwartz@columbia.edu) and Dr. Knopp (knopp.16@osu.edu).
Additionally, the Imaging Committee is expanding its general membership as its portfolio has increased. For Radiologists, Imaging Scientists, Physicists, Oncologists, and others who may be interested in joining the Imaging Committee, please contact Drs. Schwartz and Knopp.



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