E-Newsletter - July 2022
New Alliance Initiative


The Alliance Participant Engagement Portal (PEP) is another innovative effort launching soon under the ICAREdata® project within the Alliance Data Innovation Lab. The goal of PEP is to facilitate clinical trial participant engagement and partnership in Alliance clinical trials. Essentially, PEP is a patient-facing site that will provide information and resources to patient volunteers enrolled in Alliance clinical trials. Patient volunteers will learn more about the purpose and process of their clinical trial; results and updates after the trial is over; future clinical trials that may interest them; and resources that may be helpful through their cancer treatment.

PEP has been created to thank patients for being part of cancer research -- to thank them for helping to fight cancer and letting them know that sharing their cancer experience can be a huge help to others.

PEP is being led by Suzanne George, MD, Alliance Group Vice Chair, with support from Nancy Campbell, MSM, RN, Clinical Research Nurse Manager, ICAREdata®, and the Alliance Patient Advocate Committee. The Alliance gratefully acknowledges the MITRE Corporation and Genentech for their work and support in creating PEP.



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