Specimen Bank Requests

The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology welcomes concept submissions requesting utilization of existing Alliance biospecimen resources.

The correlative science concept submission process involves five steps:
1. Submission of the Alliance Translational Research (TRP) Triage Review Form and review by the TRP Executive Committee (EC)
2. An invitation to develop and submit a TRP Full Correlative Science Protocol
3. A full review of the developed protocol by the TRP EC
4. Submission of the TRP EC approved protocol to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for final review and approval
5. Completion of protocol activation requirements before the study can open

How to Submit a correlative science Concept

Review the following documents to ensure proper adherence to the Alliance TRP concept submission review process.

Biospecimen Concept Submission Process
Alliance Translational Research (TRP) Triage Review Form

For more information, contact Yujia Wen, MD, PhD (Director, Alliance Translational Research) at 773-834-7973 or ywen@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu.