E-News - July 2023
Alliance Scientific Committee Updates


Evanthia Galanis, MD, will step down as Chair of the Alliance Neuro-Oncology Committee to transition into her new role as Alliance Group Chair-Elect. Dr. Galanis, the Sandra J. Schulze Professor of Novel Therapeutics and Professor of Oncology with joint appointments in the Division of Medical Oncology - Department of Oncology, and the Department of Molecular Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, has served in this role since 2011.

Fred Barker, MD, and Paul Brown, MD, have agreed to serve as interim Co-Chairs of the Alliance Neuro-Oncology Committee.

A search committee, led by Lisa Carey, MD, will be responsible for identifying the best candidate to assume the role of committee chair.

A job description for Alliance committee chairs can be found at this link. Interested individuals should submit their name and CV by August 18, 2023, to Maria Llanos (mllanos@AllianceNCTN.org). Applicants can apply for an individual chair position or as a co-chair team´╗┐.