In Memoriam: patrick gavin, rph
co-chair, Alliance patient advocate committee

Patrick Gavin, RPh, a research advocate who brought the patient voice and perspective to the research table, died December 18. He was 68. Mr. Gavin served as Co-Chair of the Alliance Patient Committee and on the Board of Trustees of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Foundation. He was also a patient advocate for neuro-oncology cancer research. His numerous contributions to the field of cancer research included membership on the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Symptom Management and Quality of Life Steering Committee, the Health Related Outcomes QOL/PRO Head and Neck Cancer Working Group, the Cancer Research Consortium of West Michigan, the Van Andel Institute, the Stand Up to Cancer Epigenetics Dream Team, and as a Patient Representative in the U.S. FDA Program for Oncology Drug Review, and the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Survivor-Scientist Program. A long-time survivor of head and neck cancer, Mr. Gavin was a passionate advocate for clinical trials, often sharing his memorable statement that he was "alive by the grace of God and because of participation in a clinical trial." His warmth, intelligence, and compassion will be greatly missed. He gave so much to the cancer research community and to others.

Patrick Gavin, RPh Obituary