ACOSOG Website Information

The American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACOSOG) website has been de-activated. All current ACOSOG protocols and other documents are available on the Alliance member website. ACOSOG investigators and research staff can access the site using a CTEP-IAM username and password. Simply click Member Login in the upper right corner of the Alliance home page and enter your CTEP-IAM username and password. Once on the Welcome page, select ACOSOG in the welcome box OR select Legacy Sites (ACOSOG) from the navigation bar (bottom of page) to retrieve ACOSOG content. If you have any questions, please send them to

For ACOSOG Z4099, the following resources are publicly available. To retrieve other study-related documents, you must login to the Alliance member website.

Z4099 Credentialing Requirements
Z4099 Surgeon Credentialing Checklist
Brachytherapy Video (Video will start in 8 seconds. Proceed to quiz after viewing video)
Credentialing Quiz for Z4099
CIRB Approved Model Consent Website
Instructive Video Educational Sessions for Surgeons Who Treat NSCLC
Mayo RDC Roster Personnel Form
Radiation Therapy T1 Form
View the Most Recent SBRT Workshop at RTOG
Z4099 Patient Brochure Version A2
Z4099 Physician Talking Points for Study
Z4099 Sample Press Release
Z4099 Video Presentations from PI